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Barossa Wineries

Posted By Shane B  
13:30 PM

Vino & Beyond has been privileged to be a part of many groups’ fun days out exploring Barossa wineries and it always excites us hearing the experiences our groups have at the different Barossa wineries they choose to visit. Sometimes we have groups that have favourite wineries they love to go back to, other times we have groups that love to explore Barossa wineries that are known to them.

With around one hundred and fifty Barossa wineries and eighty cellar doors situated through the region, you’re bound to find wineries that will satisfy your group. For those who are new to exploring the region, we love sharing what we know from our experience of providing wine tours through Barossa wineries.

Home to the worlds oldest, continuously producing Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon
and Semillon vines, environmental protection and sustainability are a key focus in both viticultural
and winemaking practices. Barossa is home to some of Australia’s biggest names in wine that are
playing on the international field as a result of the unique climates offered through Barossa which
Barossa wineries benefit from. Some of the more prestigious names include Penfolds and Henschke
Cellars. Other big names with international recognition which are commonly enjoyed in Australia are
Wolf Blass and Jacob’s Creek.

So why does the climate give Barossa edge on other regions when it comes to wine making? Barossa
encompasses both the Barossa Valley and Eden Valleys which brand it one of the only wine regions
in Australia to benefit from warm and cool climate growing conditions. Thankful to perfect growing
conditions and soil types that have been attended to by hand for many generations, by visiting
Barossa wineries you enjoy wines that are crafted from unique and enviable growing conditions that
other regions could only dream of having. It is due to these kinds of conditions that has to do with
putting some of the Barossa wineries on the world map.

Some of the top varieties of wine you will find across Barossa wineries include Shiraz which can be
argued is the wine Barossa is known for. Alongside Shiraz another top wine produced is the smooth
full flavoured Cabernet Sauvignon. Finally if you’re after that lighter red to complement your grazing
board, the Grenache produced from Barossa wineries will leave your pallet with a fruity yet spicy

When exploring Barossa wineries it is with no question you will be tasting some fantastic wine but
what about the food? Whether you’re after an upper class restaurant meal, a more casual dining
experience, light lunches offered by cellar doors or perhaps you’re chasing fresh produce from a
local farmers market, there’s something for everyone. Barossa wineries offer all this and more. With
some of the richest soil that wine grapes thrive in also propels some of the greatest produce that will
you enjoy on your plate paired with that perfect wine.


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